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Release 5.0.262 // 7 November 2020
Release 5.0.262 // 7 November 2020

Social browser plugin improvements | Invoice module: Invoices tab added to job orders

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The following improvements and bug fixes are included in this release:

  • By popular request we added a candidates consent status and its expiration date to the social browser plugin:

  • Also added a warning message to the socilal browser that remembers the user to close possible open chat windows on LinkedIn profile pages to prevent them from being parsed along with the rest of the profile.

  • The invoices tab is added to job orders so one can quickly see invoices related to the specific job order. This only applies for customers that use the invoices module of Carerix.

  • A couple of changes have been made to improve the parsing of information from a VDAB profile into Carerix work better. Address parsing is improved by parsing the different components into the different appropriate fields for streetname, house number, house number suffix, postal code and city and country apart from the full text field which also fill be filled with the full address details. Minor changes have been done to improve the parsing results for work and education history.

  • A change has been applied in the logic of creating invoicelines fixing a bug that disallows you to create invoicelines from the invoicelines overviews in multiple occasions.

  • Fixed an issue in our scripting language that made it impossible to see the link between a match and a company. This caused malfunctioning of document templates, but is fixed in this and previous (261) release.

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