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Release 5.0.253 // 4 July 2020
Release 5.0.253 // 4 July 2020

Carerix Analytics | Activity Report | Ratecard | Document Template in Preview | New WordPress plugin release | Social Browser Chrome Plugin

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In this new Carerix release you will find the following updates and changes:

Better insights with Carerix Analytics - Activity Dashboard

With Carerix Analytics you get daily fresh data presented in modern dashboards that allow you to zoom in on your business and gain better insights on your data and KPI's.

The standard set of dashboards that come with Carerix Analytics is expanded with the activity dashboard that allows you to analyze your users behaviour on actions done in your Carerix application. Recorded actions can be configured by your system administrator and therefore can be tailored to your own KPI's.

Examples of activities that can be tracked:

  • match stages / funnel (how many candidates in stage1, stage2 etc.)

  • meeting types & results

  • task types & results

  • notes types & results

  • Status tracking for candidates, vacancies, placements, contacts & clients

New WordPress Plugin release

Version 2.20.4 of CxWordPress Plugin is now availabe!

This latest version offers amongst others improved compatibility with other WordPress themes and plugins:

  • Improved Compatibility with Wordpress themes (jQuery conflicts)

  • Improved Compatibility with optimizer plugins like Autoptimize, W3 Total Cache and Breeze Cache

  • Bugfix for Yoast SEO plugin using opengraph (starting from v14.x)

  • Improved Job landing pages like or will now redirect including optionally parsed URL variables

The new WordPress plugin version 2.20.4 can now be installed.
Web builders please check the detailed release notes on our development knowledgebase

Ratecard integration improved with tab in preview

No need anymore to open files to check Ratecard responses or statuses as the integration is enridged with a document template that can be included in the preview.

The option to show document templates as a tab in previews is available in Carerix independently for any of the previews and was released in release 549.

Smaller improvements and bug fixes:

  • Carerix Social browser for LinkedIn en Xing: fixed an issue causing the jobtitle not to be parsed from a linkedin profile page into Carerix wheb creating a new candidate.

  • Carerix Social browser for LinkedIn en Xing: fixed an issue causing the extension not to show when on Xing in some occasions

  • As the new version of Microsofts Edge browser now is Chromium based - the Carerix Social Browser for LinkedIn, Xing and VDAB can be used in Edge as well.

  • Several translations errors in the application have been resolved

  • Generic changes to improve overall performance

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