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Release 5.0.258 // 12 September 2020
Release 5.0.258 // 12 September 2020

Pilot: Improved authentication for Office 365 email synchronisation

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release.


Improved authentication for Office 365 email synchronisations

In this release we present the oAuth2 authentication flow for Office365 in pilot. If you use Office365/Exchange Online for your email and you have an active synchronisation (or want to set this up) it now becomes very easy and more secure to start synchronising your inbox with Carerix. Just click the button, authorize with your Office365 account and Carerix and Microsoft will do the rest.

We are looking for customers that do have Office365/Exchange online and an active synchronisation or customers that want to start using Office365/Echange Online and synchronise with Carerix. If you are interested in joining the pilot, please send an email to

Smaller improvements & resolved issues:

Apart from regular maintenance and performance related work, in this release a couple of small improvements and bug fixes are available:

  • Solved an issue with the social browser plugin not transfering all public information from VDAB profiles into Carerix during candidate creation.

  • Solved an issue with the calendar that resulted into an error when trying to drag a meeting to a different time slot (or do different actions e.g. archive) from the planner view.

  • Solved an issue with Textkernel CV parsing causing drop downs fields to be emtpy in specific cases.

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