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Release 5.0.230 // 03 August 2019
Release 5.0.230 // 03 August 2019

Seamless improvements for calendar & recurring meetings, TBA enabled & bugfix for Socialbrowser/Xing

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 03-08-2019:

Series of recurring meetings shown for My meetings filter

All Recurring meetings shown in Calendar. Previously it was only possible to show the first of a series of recurring meetings. From this release it is possible to see all meetings in the list of meetings (filter 'My Meetings') on the date they are scheduled. 

Token Based Access for Carerix Seamless for Mobile (available in week 32/33)

Token Based Access (TBA) enabled for Seamless. For systems using TBA actively, it was not yet possible to use it with Carerix Seamless for Mobile application. We implemented a flow that allows users of the mobile application to activate a token on their mobile device.

The flow is similar to the flow one already knows from Carerix 5/desktop:

  • Once a user that has TBA activated tries to open Carerix via the Seamless for Mobile application it is denied access.

  • To get access s/he needs to activate a token first. For Seamless this works in a rather similar way as for desktop: select the type of token (if available) and select the email address the token activation code should be send to. Note: make sure this email can be opened/read on the mobile device you are using if you want to succesfully activate the token on the road.

  • An email will be send to the selected email address

  • In the email a token activation code will be provided

  • Copy this code completely and paste it into the field in Carerix Seamless for Mobile and click on the activate button 

  • Now you are able to login with your user name and password

Smaller updates and bug fixes:

  • Email status update (read-->unread) bug fix

  • Fixed an issue with the navigation panel not hiding in detail pages in some occasions 

  • Fixed an issue with the create activity button not showing in some occasions

Carerix 5 - bug fixes and small improvements:

  • Socialbrowser/Xing: fixed an issue with the plugin not parsing the jobtitle anymore

  • Socialbrowser/Xing: fixed an issue with suggested (identical) candidates when a Xing profile is not recognized by your Carerix database. The plugin always showed the same candidate records not being related at all to the current Xing profile. 

  • Small performance and security improvements

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