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Release 5.0.250 // 23 May 2020
Release 5.0.250 // 23 May 2020

Archived tabs for non-administrator user roles

Updated over a week ago

Show archived tabs for entities

Via the userrole menu it is possible to enable the archived tabs for other entities than activities where we show them by default always. For file entities like candidates, contacts companies etc. the archive tab always has been hidden and exclusively available for administrator roles. This remains the same unless you will tick the box in the user role settings:

Normal user role permissions based on ownership, office or full access remain in place at all times.

Smaller improvements and bug fixes:

  • An extra checkbox has been added to the salary section of a job order. This box can be used by webdevelopers to define whether salary information should be included in job publications or not. This can be important in relation to Google for Jobs as Google recommends to have salary information available in a job ad. Note: At this moment there is no additional business logic in Carerix connected to this field. This means that without having your website connection adjusted to work with this field, having the box ticked or not makes no difference. By default the checkbox is not ticked.

  • Removed the LinkedIn tab from previews - the linkedin tab previewing the linkedin profile page is not showing any content anymore due to API limitations on LinkedIn side. We have decided to remove this tab.

  • Fixed an issue in configuration profiles causing procedure and category field being editable while they should not be.

  • Fixed an issue in configuration profiles causing the region field (as part of the address) being editable while it should not be

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