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Release 5.0.252 // 20 June 2020
Release 5.0.252 // 20 June 2020

Hide talentpool matches for archived candidates and talentpools

Updated over a week ago

Hide Talentpool matches in case candidates and talentpools are archived

When a candidate is archived, its matches on job orders and talentpools are not because for historical and statistical reasons you want to keep them. In talentpools this can be inconvenient, especialy when the talentpool is used for availability purposes. Therefore we introduce a new setting: 'HideArchivedCandidatesfromTalentpool'

This new setting will be available in the settings menu Attributes and fields section. Activating the setting will result in talentpool matches being hidden from :

  • the candidates tab in talentpools; and

  • from the talentpool tab in candidate files.

Smaller improvements and fixed issues:

  • made changes for Google oAuth2 mailsync authentications: when Carerix is authorised using the Google oAuth2 methods all email settings fields - except for the 'Map Folders' button will become read-only in order to prevent users from breaking the sync by (unintended) changes. The fields become editable again after using the revoke mail sync button.
    Do you have Google mail? Here's the instructions page on how to set up your email synchronisation.

  • made changes in the way we handle time based triggers for larger batches of records. These changes improve the handling of large batches of records making sure that pre-cautional trigger de-activation is not necessary anymore.

  • resolved two issues related to configuratio profiles causing 'read-only' fields being editable and causing some fields to be required while they should not.

  • in case Email Sync with Google is authenticated using oAuth2, the email setting fields will be set read-only until the moment the oAuth2 token is revoked.

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