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Release 5.286 // 6 November 2021
Release 5.286 // 6 November 2021

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Updated over a week ago

We are renewing the Carerix User Interface!

In the previous release notes we announced changes in the Carerix 5 User Interface. We will start with changes in the details header. Which will be pushed in week 45 or 46 to a first group of customers. In the upcoming weeks we will continue with changes on the right side of the detail screens. In the so called 'hints panel' where we show the groups, modification and creation dates and the picture of a candidate or contact - if available.

Although we test our designs and changes at random and do our best to suit everyone's needs it is still possible that you would like to provide us with your feedback. Feedback is always much appreciated and can be filed to Please set Carerix UI in your subject line!

Smaller improvements, updates and bug fixes

  • The action button in the email preview screen has been moved to the left so it does not interfere anymore with open new email messages of which the window was minimized:

  • From this release it is possible to enable the preview panel (and use it) from document templates. So referring to files in Carerix can trigger the preview. This works for all entities. For further reference a help article will be provided soon.

  • We have added the number of filled positions on a job order preview, so one can always see the number of originally open positions for that job order and the number of successful hires.

  • It now is possible to add candidates to a talentpool from a match. Both individually using the button in the detail screen and using the action menu in the overview. The action menu allows also for the removing of a candidate from a talentpool and it is possible to add or remove multiple candidates in one go.

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