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Release 5.0.239 // 7 December 2019
Release 5.0.239 // 7 December 2019

Smaller improvements and issue fixes

Updated over a week ago

We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


The following smaller improvements and issues have been addressed in this release:

  • Carerix 5: Updated our social media icons. Added Instagram, Xing and Whatsapp and replaced LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & YouTube. Those are available for reference in your email footer f.e.

  • Carerix 5: Fixed an issue with prefilled search profiles for candidates not being included due to out of bounds value for age.

  • Carerix 5: Fixed an issue with our Social Plugin for Chrome causing an internal error when importing candidates with German profiles on Linkedin.

  • Carerix 5: Fixed an issue with Educations in Job Orders being unnecessarily doubled upon using the Copy Existing Job order option in the new Job Order wizard.

  • Carerix 5: Fixed the issue of updating the last contact date upon duplicate email synchronization. Last contact date update now will refer to send date of email, instead of synchronisation date. If the value of last contact date of the record is larger than the send date, nothing will happen. Most recent that will stay. 

  • Seamless Mobile: enriched overview information for all entities:

  • Seamless Mobile: Added the possibility to accept/decline meeting invites from your email in the Seamless Mobile application.

  • Seamless Mobile: Added a number batch to indicate the number of Tasks 'To do' for today. 

  • Seamless Mobile: Added filtering options to the dashboard view.

  • Seamless Mobile: Meeting end time has been added to the meeting list overview.

  • Seamless Mobile: Several smaller issues have been resolved.

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