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Release 5.0.227 // 22 June 2019
Release 5.0.227 // 22 June 2019

Seamless for Mobile calendar: jump to date of Today fast and easily

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 22-06-2019:

Fast and easy jump to date of today using the newly introduced 'today' button:

In the Seamless for Mobile Calendar section, on the right side of the date headers, we offer the option to immediately and automatically scroll back to today's date. If you are looking at any other date than today, you just have to touch 'Today' and it will take you back or forward to your meetings scheduled for today. Easy as it is!

The 'Today' button does not appear:

  • if there is no meeting scheduled on the current date.

  • if there are only meetings scheduled on the current date.

To keep your related records in the picture during activity editing we visualised the related records with small icons on top og the editing screen. 

Smaller bug fixes Carerix Seamless for Mobile:

  • Addressed an issue causing candidate detail pages not to open due to existing additional fields in cx5

Carerix 5 - bug fixes and small improvements:

  • Fixed an issue causing wrong week numbers in timesheet being shown

  • Fixed an issue with required fields procedure/category not being required.

  • MailChimp: fixed an issue causing opt-outs not being synchronized between Mailchimp and Carerix

  • [NL only] Updated Postal Code address Look Up source file. More recent Dutch postal codes can be used to lookup the full address too.

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