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Release 5.0.225 // 25 May 2019
Release 5.0.225 // 25 May 2019

Direct links to activities on Seamless for mobile dashboard, fix for Socialbrowser/Linkedin

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 25-05-2019:

Carerix Seamless for Mobile now available for all customers!

Carerix Seamless for Mobile is now available for all Carerix systems. During the Carerix Roadshow 2019, held in Rotterdam, we officially launched Carerix' new mobile solution dedicated to the Recruiter on the go. If it is not activated yet its now possible to activate seamless as a Carerix system administrator

Before activating its recommended to read some background information on this brand new application. This can be found on our Help Center.

We added direct links to the dashboard so one has immediate access to their activities. Tipping one of them opens the respective overview lists of tasks, notes, meetings or email.

Smaller improvements or bug fixes for Seamless for Mobile:

  • Solved several caching issues causing seamless to malfunction in certain cases - especially when using a desktop shortcut.

  • Solved an issue causing your mobile keyboard/touchpad stay on screen instead of hiding in some cases (a.o. in email and notes creation/editing).

  • Adjusted some wrong font formats and sizes.

  • Addressed lay out misfits for Iphone X series.

  • Dutch translation for all contacts --> 'alle contactpersonen' now is in place.

  • Wrong translation 'Sales rate/Salary' (EN) / 'Verkooptarief/Salaris' (NL) in Match detail now is renamed to Purchase rate/Salary for English and 'Inkooptarief/Salaris' in Dutch.

Smaller improvements or bug fixes for Carerix 5:

  • Fixed our social browser to work with the new layout of LinkedIn.

  • Made changes with regard to distance search in order to operate more accurate.

  • Fixed an issue in the API causing weekly timesheet triggers to fire upon approval of monthly timesheets.

  • Fixed an issue causing hidden vacancies to be shown if searching for vacancies from talentpools.

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