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Release 5.0.236 // 26 October 2019
Release 5.0.236 // 26 October 2019

Smaller improvements & bug fixes

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Carerix 5 updates 

Smaller improvements and issues fixed:

  • Activity tab search filter changed labels for statuses outbox (delayed email) and sent email. These used the same terminology 'e-mail (out)'. 'E-mail (out)' now refers to delayed mail which is still in your outbox and not sent. 'Sent e-mail' refers to email that effectively has been sent yet.

  • New candidate overview dashboard added to the library. This dashboard shows general information of the candidate: The number of days in the database, its category and its matches.

  • Added the 'from-address' to the header of the email preview to easily see from who or what address the given email is received.

  • Improved login procedure to speed up the login action.

  • Removed a piece of css code from sent emails to prevent emails being classified as spam in some occasions.

  • Added country codes for Palestina (PS) and Bermuda (BM) for all databases

  • Extended the attribute field type number so a larger amount of numbers can be displayed (+20).

  • Fixed an issue with the filtering of companies on its status when the 'Field' functionality of Carerix is enabled.

Seamless Mobile updates:

  • Implemented some interface improvements for the menu to improve the user experience. 

  • Attachment upload in create and edit mode for activities. To upload attachments click on the big '+-icon' or use the kebab menu ( ··· ) to select attachment upload.

  • Empty field sets were shown unintended. This means that field header for field with no value were shown. This issue is resolved.

  • Group labels for additional info fields now are displayed in Seamless Mobile to improve the usability.

  • Fixed an issue with match detail screens that ended up in an error.

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