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Seamless for Mobile (in pilot)

We are improving your recruiter on the go experience. Try out the brand new approach that's called Carerix Seamless for Mobile.

Current CxMobile

Carerix Seamless for Mobile (will replace CxMobile in Q2-2019)

Want to activate it? Ask your Carerix administrator to send an email to pilot@carerix.com (with your name, emailaddress and Carerix app name)

By popular demand we have added an additional filter to the matches overview to enable the user to filter matched candidates according to their legal ground status. In this way one reduces the risk of moving forward with candidates of which the legal ground to save his/her personal data has expired. The filter is automatically available in all Carerix editions.

Filter legal ground was already available for all candidate overviews but now also is available for:

  • Generic matches overview (all matches --> matches overview via left menu)

  • Matches tab in Job Orders

Smaller improvements and bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue in configuration profiles causing the industry field to be automatically required when the sector field only was intended to be required. 

  • Disabling of Google Chrome autofill. Due to the availability of Google Chrome autofill it was possible to unintentionally overwrite candidate/contact/job order data. We have disabled this browser functionality in Carerix except for the login dialogue box.

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