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Number of Active Publications
Number of Active Publications

Counting and sorting of active publications in Job Order Overviews

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To easily manage your open Publications of Job orders in the Job orders overview, the column 'Active Publications' is available. Per Job order the active Publications are calculated and displayed as a number. The column is available for sorting: clicking on the column header will sort either descending or ascending.

What is considered to be an active publication?

  • The Publication start date needs to be today or any date before today

  • The Publication end date needs to be after today.

  • The Publication status needs to be included in the list of active Publications

How to define active publication statuses?

This can only be done as an Administrator or if your User Role has access to the settings.

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Settings'

  • Go to the panel "Attributes and fields"

  • Here you will find a checklist of all Publication statuses
    Note: Publication statuses are not available as normal tables but are predefined. It is not possible to change the names or to add statuses to your own liking

  • For all statuses you want to be included in the active Publication counting, you need to check the box

  • Not having checked any or checking all of the boxes will result in the same behavior: only start/end date will effect calculations

Important to know that for the (correct) sorting and calculation, a restart of the system is needed. This means that changes will only be applied the day after, as Carerix restarts their systems every night. 

Keywords: UD-3061 

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