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Layout Publication text

How to add a layout to Published Job Orders

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When you want to add a layout to published job orders by use of bulletpoints, bold of italics, you might have to change Carerix from a Text coding to HTML coding setting. These days Carerix is delivered with a HTML layout, but for older versions of Carerix, the administrator needs to make the change. After the admin has set the settings accordingly, you can change per medium whether you want to use Text or HTML layout.


  • We assume that you're using the newest version of CxPortal

  • Request your webbuilder to implement this. You can find instructions on the Development Wiki - CxPortal code.


Set HTML coding

  1. Log in as Administrator

  2. 'Maintenance' | 'Settings' | 'Attribute and field settings'

  3. Change the text in the "htmlInPublicationTexts" to "YES"

  4. Save your changes

Per Medium

  1. Log in as Administrator

  2. Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Media'

  3. Tick the box Publish as HTML

  4. Click [Save]

  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for every medium

Example of HTML coding

  1. Go to 'Files' | 'Job orders'

  2. Open a 'Job order'

  3. Click on Publication texts-Tab

  4. Fill in the publication text boxes with HTML coding as follows:

 <html> <head> <style>p {font:arial;}</style> </head> <body> <p>Hello <b>world</b>.</p> </body> </html>  

Het result will be:

Hello world.  

5. Click [Save]
If you are now familiar with HTML codes, please use the HTML editor.

Please note

  • Never copy and paste your texts directly from Microsoft Word. Word gives certain layout codes to the text that will override the Carerix HTML layout. Instead, use the "Paste as plain text" icon above the text box, or paste the tekst in Notepad first before you copy and paste it once more in Carerix.

  • Do not use punctuation in publication titles; your website will give an error.

(Sr.) Consultant Real Estate has to be (Sr) Consultant Real Estate

Create layout for Publication texts with Text coding ("markdown")

You only use this option when you do not want or can use standard HTML layout.

At the implementation the field "htmlInPublicationTexts" will feature the code "YES".
This way you cannot use HTML codes in your text.
Your web builder can change the so-called "markdown" formatting.

For layout of pyblications you will then use the text coding below:

Start every element in a list with an asterisk and a space. 

* line 1  * line 2 

Place the text between double asterisks :

**bold text** 

Place the text between single asterisk or underscores:

*italic text* _italic text_ 

SubheaderPlace the text after 5 hashes: 

###### sub header

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