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Publish a Job order on a website
Publish a Job order on a website

How to publish a job order to your website

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You are using Carerix, and your website is linked to Carerix.
In Carerix, you create and manage your Job orders (vacancies). These will not show up on your website or Job portal automatically. So, how do you make a Job order appear?


To make a Job order visible outside Carerix, you use a Publication:

  • The Medium of this Publication has to be "Own web site" or "Corporate web site"

  • The code at of this Medium has to be "web"

  • The Publication is visible from the date specified at "First publication date"

  • The Publication is visible to the date specified at "Last publication date"

  • When the "Closing date" has expired the Publication will no longer be shown (you find this field at the Admin-Tab).

Because you have to create a publication for exposing a job order, you can easily manage which job order has to appear when and where.
Also, the publication offers you the following features:

  • Text fields of the Publication are copied from the Job order, but you can change these afterwards.
    This allows you to phrase your job offering in the web site differently from internally

  • When a candidate applies, the owner will be copied from the publication (not the Job order).
    You can use this to manage applications by one person even though the job orders themselves are owned by someone else


At the Job order, the setting "Open application" has to be Off.
"Open application" is used to indicate a dummy Job order.
This dummy is used to manage applications that aren't related to a specific job order.
Publications from "Open application" job orders are _not_ shown on the web site.

Do not use a period "." in the title of your Publication as this will lead to errors on the web site.

  • (Sr.) consultant will lead to errors

  • (Sr) consultant will be OK


  • Log on into Carerix

  • Go to the 'Files' | 'Job order'

  • Open the Job order that has to appear on the web site

  • Go to the  'Publications - Tab

  • Click [New]
    You can now select the media you want the job order to appear on

  • Select "Own website" or "Corporate web site"

  • Enter 'First publication date'  (defaults to today) and 'Last publication date

  • Check the other fields, which were copied from the Job order

  • Click [Finish]

Styling (bold, heading, list etc.)

You can control how the publication appears on line from within Carerix.
Read: Layout Publication text


Publications in Carerix have a status. This status is used only when your Carerix system is linked to a multi-poster like InGoedeBanen, BroadBean or Mimir.
For publications for your own web site, the status is ignored. Visibility is controlled by first and last publication date.
See also: Why is my job order not visible online

Is there no Medium available in your application?

Read this article on how to create one.

Keywords: UD-317

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