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Release 5.0.229 // 20 July 2019
Release 5.0.229 // 20 July 2019

Seamless for Mobile: Counting badges for mail, meetings and tasks on dashboard, hidden navigation bar

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 20-07-2019:

  • Numeric Badges telling you how much unread email, open tasks or meetings (for today and tomorrow) you have

  • To have more space for actual information the navigation menu will be hidden on all detailpages. Returning to overview via the top left arrow will return the navigation bar on the bottom too!

Improvement of detailspages top section

We did some fine tuning on the top section of the detail pages: 

  • Add owner avatar, initials if no photo provided

  • Privacy and CV icons status in collapsed state

  • Only CV links (not all attachments) in the in expanded state.

Smaller Seamless improvements or bugfixes:

  • Fixed horizontal scrolling for wide emails on iPhone/Safari

  • Some minor user interface fine tuning

Carerix 5 - bug fixes and small improvements:

Number of active publications in overview

The number of active publications in your job order overviews indicate the number of actual publications based on the start and end date of the publication. The publication status is not taken into account. For administrators that do want to use the publication status as an indicator if a publication is 'live' there was no option... until now. 

We added a setting to include publication status into the calculation of active publications:

This setting works as follows:
If none of the boxes is ticked, it means that 'old' situation applies: the active publication counter is based only on start and end dates of your publications.

Selecting one or more statuses will change the counting behavior for active publications as follows:

  • Start date of publication should be in past

  • End date of publication should be empty or in future

  • Status of publication should be one of the selected statuses in the activePublicationStatusesRestriction-setting.

Color your panel headers!

Give Carerix a bit more color by coloring your panel headers. As an administrator, In your NEO UX settings you find an extra option to pick a color or add a color code. 

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