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Release 5.0.237 // 9 November 2019
Release 5.0.237 // 9 November 2019

Sorting on active publications reintroduced & Login Security improvements

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Carerix 5 updates 

Sorting on active publications works again. 

After a change last summer to take publication statuses into account for the counting of active publications (in the job order overviews). We deliberately broke the sorting option of the particular column. Well, you told us that was not such a great idea, so now here it is again: sorting on this column is available once more!

Still publication statuses can be included in the counting of the active publications. To do so adjust your activePublicationStatusesRestriction setting and check those statuses that should be included in the counting.

For a full explanation of this functionality please read this dedicated article on our Help Center.

Improved Login Security:
To better protect our systems against brute force attacks it is not possible anymore to have 5 consecutive failed login attempts for one and the same user profile. A user who tries to login and fails 5 times (due to wrong password) will be locked out temporarily. To unblock an email including a reactivating link will be send to the user.

Additionally, password requirements are updated. New passwords need to exist of at least 12 characters instead of 8. For existing passwords there is no need to change immediately, however it is recommended to do so.

Smaller improvements and issues fixed:

  • Moved the notes field in the match preview to the top

  • Fixed missing translations in refurbished match preview

  • Fixed an issue with auto filled search lines for age after recently introduced limitation on number of figures (must be <1000)

  • Seamless Mobile app: fixed an issue with the browsers back button navigating a page back instead of closing a pop-up.

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