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Release 5.0.248 // 25 April 2020
Release 5.0.248 // 25 April 2020

Anonymous Job order, Jobdigger

Updated over a week ago

Added setting to set Job Orders automatically on Anonymous 

How does it work?

Go to Settings, General and filled out "YES" at  the field "defaultAnonymousJobOrders"

When using this setting, you new added Vacancies will be set to Anonymous. 

This will help users not having to think of this setting. More importantly, it will help users to avoid any unwanted publication of the Company. 

Note: the settings only impact newly added Vacancies.
You also need to refresh your publications to your website, jobboard or multiposters, if you want to change your Job order publication to Anonymous.

Jobdigger Insights

  • Easy activation on the new Jobdigger INSIGHTS, including; email notification on relevant jobs, leads, vacancy data and target group data!

Smaller improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Advanced CV Parsing. The full street address in Carerix is now automatically filled.

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