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Release 5.0.228 // 06 July 2019
Release 5.0.228 // 06 July 2019

Seamless for Mobile: create email from inbox & refurbished meta-section

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 06-07-2019:

Refurbished 'Meta-section' in detail pages.

In the meta section we display modification and creation dates, who created the file and who edited last time, the current owner and the last contact date. As 'Meta' is a rather technical terminology we altered the display of this information a little:

The information will be displayed on top of the detail page in a de-collapsed state. Clicking the owner name will collapse the panel and the other information will be displayed.

Create email from inbox

We made it possible to create new emails from  your inbox in Seamless. Previously one had to go to the detail page of a candidate/contact. 

Smaller improvements & bug fixes

  • fixed a bug causing an error when returning from meeting detail to meeting overview page

  • fixed a bug causing date/time for a meeting not set

Carerix 5 - bug fixes and small improvements:

  • Fixed an issue causing the Socialbrowser for LinkedIn not uploading the profile picture anymore.

  • Fixed an issue causing the modification date not being updated upon candidate status change

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