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Problem with website
Problem with website
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You recieve applications through your website. You and/or your applicants receive an error message or the data of the applicant aren't correctly registered in the database. 


There are 3 (possible) causes.

  1. The website contains a problem;

  2. The connection between Carerix and website contains a problem;

  3. The information that Carerix outputs isn't correct, so that the connection doesn't work. 


  • In case of  1 and 2 , you'll have to contact your webmaster. After all, Carerix is not responsible for the development of the website or implementation of the plugin. Your webmaster can access our technical documentation on the Development wiki.

  • In case of the 3rd option: This means there must be a technical problem of the XML interface. In this situation, ask your webmaster to send an e-mail to the Carerix helpdesk ( This e-mail should at least contain an clear (reproducable) technical description of the error.

Example: "When calling XML xyz , the response is incorrect" Website asks for information xyz, but receives an incorrect answer.


  • Please asks the webmaster to put you in the cc when communicating to our helpdesk;

  • The Carerix helpdesk is unfortunately not able to support the webmasters directly with the implementation of a connection between Carerix and your website. Support and advise expedite to our partners. The accountmanager will inform you regarding the possibilities.

Keywords : UD-1836

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