When working with Carerix, all pages should display properly: With a menu at the left, and the context bar at the top.

This article describes the situation where the display is incorrect or incomplete, and what can be done to remedy the situation.


Sometimes the page show incorrect or incomplete.


  • No menu at left
  • Wrong tables are shown (f.e.: owners when you expect language)
  • Just the menu and/or some buttons: the list of received e-mails is missing
  • Menu double, no other content, see the example at right:


A Carerix page is "built" using javascript. When the Carerix page is called the wrong way, or this javascript develops an error when underway from our server to your computer(s), the page display buildup can go wrong.


Often a simple page refresh (F5 in Internet Explorer) is enough, but if the error persists, use follow the instructions below:

Internet Connection

First of all, make sure that your internet connection is OK. Install WinMTR to check network quality

Pages in Cache

Remove all temporary internet files:

  1. Log out of carerix and close all tabs
  2. Open an empty tab
  3. Press key combination Shift+Ctrl+Del
  4. For Google Chrome: make sure you select "From beginning of time"
  5. Select "Cached images and files"
  6. Choose [Delete] (Internet Explorer) or [Clear browsing data] (Chrome)
  7. Close the browser, Re-open the browser and go to Carerix again

See alsoDelete cookies

When more computers at the same location have this problem, there might be a "caching proxy" that causes the problem. Ask you system administrator to check this and bypass the cache for all *.carerix.com and *.carerix.net

Proper URL

Always use http://customername.carerix.net to connect to Carerix. Use of http://customername.carerix.com is no longer supported.

Use a "clean" bookmark

Some users first log in into Carerix and create a bookmark (=favorite/shortcut) from there. This is not correct, as your browser will "remember" part of the session you were in when you created the bookmark. This session will have expired the next time the ookmark is used.
To create a proper shortcut, do the following:

  1. Sign OFF from Carerix
  2. UNcheck [_] Save the password on this PC
  3. Login with the correct username and password and sign OFF again
  4. Clear all temporary files from Internet Explorer, including cookies and any shortcuts/favourites for Carerix
  5. Restart Internet Explorer
  6. Manually enter this URL: http://customer.carerix.net/ into the address barMake sure you are NOT logged-in automatically! repeat the above if necessary
  7. At the login screen: Create the shortcut/favourite as desired.
  8. Now you can check "save the password..." and log in as usual

Keywords : UD-1262

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