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Publish Job orders on job sites
Publish Job orders on job sites

Publish Job orders automatically medium

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In Carerix it is possible to publish job orders automatically on job sites. This is possible in various ways: 


Through a multiposter like Recruitment Technologies, Vonq (voorheen InGoedeBanen) or Mimir. You can find more information on the different multiposters here. These companies offer a distribution system that redirects the job order to one, or several job sites. A huge advantage is that you need to enter the job order just once. This saves a lot of time. 

Through a website

Job sites like scan your website for job orders and place these directly on the job site.

With an XML-feed

Some Job sites work with an XML-feed. With your application, you provide these job sites with the right XML-feed. You find the feed using the following url: [applicationname]


By email

Some job sites work through e-mail. You need to send an e-mail to them with the job order as an attachment. 

Extra information for some job sites


You can register at Indeed on this page


You can find information about placing job orders on jobbird here.
If you want to deliver job orders with a Carerix XML-feed ->
Contact your Account Manager.


To place job orders on Trovit, send Trovit the following URL:

Register for Trovit here.

Source of your job orders

You want to know where your applications come from. 

If you choose to place job orders using an XML-feed, you need to set the following things:

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables' and search for 'Source candidate'.

  • Click [New]

  • Give the source the name of the job site, for example "Trovit"

  • Repeat the previous steps for 'Source match'

For your information

The candidate file shows the source from which the candidate entered the database first. The match file shows the source of the application. 

To make sure that the mentioning of the source is working, you need to create a medium

Remark: You can select multiple media for the publication of your job order.
For every chosen medium, a separate publication is created.

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