Potential candidates, job boards and agregrators use RSS feed to keep up-to-date on the available positions you have published

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An RSS feed containing all your published job vacancies is available when job vacancies are published to the company website using the publications module in the Carerix system. Interested people like potential candidates, job boards and agregrators can use this RSS feed to keep up-to-date on the available positions you have published.


You will find the RSS feed with all job vacancies you have published on the following location:

  • http://<client>

At <client> in the previous link you need to fill in the name of your carerix system. Example:

RSS Extended

The RSS Extended feed implements the J4P format defined by Carerix. It basically contains extra vacancy information for each job, in tags that are not defined in the RSS specficiation.
The extended format of the feed includes all the information in the standard feed.
The filename is RSSx.php, and can be access via http://<client>


  • No job vacancies in the feed? Make sure the XML password is set. You can find the XML password in your Carerix system: Settings | XML settings | Password. If no XML password is present:Set an XML password in Settings | XML settings | PasswordRequest the Carerix to set this XML password for you in the web configuration

  • The RSS feed still does not work? Send a message to the Carerix helpdesk with your RSS feed link (which doesn't work) and request to investigate the issue.


  • The RSS feed uses the XML interface of your Carerix system. You need to set the password for this


  • Inform the RSS feed link to interested parties who want to keep up-to-date on the job vacancies you publish online.

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