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Security and Privacy are important elements in a digital world.

Terms such as Https, Encrypted password, password policy and GDPR are important elements in this, which must also be set in the Carerix application.

Following the GDPR legislation that came into force in May 2018, Carerix has applied a transition period in which you have been given the opportunity to bring all matters to the right level.

To give you insight into the level of Security and Privacy, "Carerix Security & Privacy Scan" can be performed on your Carerix application.
You can see from the scan whether there are one or more points for improvement in the Carerix application that need to be adjusted in the short term.

Have you received mail from Carerix about the Security & Privacy Scan?

Then we would like to ask you kindly but urgently to make these points in order in the Carerix application within 4 weeks.
Four weeks after receiving this Security & Privacy Scan mail, Carerix will no longer support outdated standards in your application.

What do you have to do?

To prevent that you can no longer work with (certain parts of) the Carerix application, a number of things must be set. A user with administrator rights can perform this work himself in the Carerix application. For this, articles are available on our website:

Need help?

We understand that for some managers the information may be fairly technical. We are of course ready to help you.
We offer support through our Support Desk or through our consultants. You decide on which points you want support and in which form.
Of course we can also advise you on behalf of Carerix "Best practice for Security & Privacy".

Do you have questions?

For this please mail to or contact your Account Manager.

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