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Contact our Customer Success Team
Contact our Customer Success Team

Questions, Bugs and Errors, Carerix down, Training, Exports, Datadump or Customized Reports, Dashboards, E-mail Templates.

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Customer Success Team

  • Customized reports

  • Customized dashboards

  • Customized email templates

  • Exports

  • Datadump

  • User and administrator training

The Carerix Helpdesk is unfortunately not available to help and/or advise you on a technical level with regard to the creation of email templates and editing the email footer and header.

You can use your own knowledge to edit and create these, or, if you don't want to get involved with making these changes yourself you can send it in as a workorder through our customer success department.


Questions about the use of our Wordpress plugin, the XML interface or the REST API?

Contact one of our partners, you can find their contact info on

The Carerix Helpdesk does not have the knowledge to help you with these subjects.

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