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Create document - fails, strange filenames
Create document - fails, strange filenames
Updated over a week ago

You use Reports in Carerix and you can't open some Reports.
 In particular, reports that should open in MS-Excel. 


When you want to open a report that opens in MS-Excel you expect the following message. 

Do you want to open or save 1234_candidateOverviewExcel.xls from Open] [Save.

Instead you see:
Do you want to save 9190519?wocid=7&wosid=2r1m1...&appid=1567   (a weird code instead of a recognisable name).


  • You use Internet Explorer 9.

  • You access Carerix through a "secure" connection.

  • In the settings of Internet Explorer the setting that "secure" pages can be saved is turned off. 

Internet Explorer doesn't make a difference between "normal' pages and reports. This is a problem, because these reports need to be saved before they can be opened by another program (Excel). 


Don't use Internet Explorer anymore, because Microsoft gives no support on this type of browser. They cannot garantee the safety of the browser anymore.


Turn off this setting in Internet explorer or use Google Chrome.

Go to Internet Options.

  • Go to the tab "Advanced".

  • Scroll down to "Security".

  • Deselect "Do not save encrypted pages to disk".

  • Click [OK].

You should be able to open the report.


Keywords : UD-936

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