You use Reports in Carerix and you can't open some Reports.
 In particular, reports that should open in MS-Excel. 


When you want to open a report that opens in MS-Excel you expect the following message. 

Do you want to open or save 1234_candidateOverviewExcel.xls from Open] [Save.

Instead you see:
Do you want to save 9190519?wocid=7&wosid=2r1m1...&appid=1567   (a weird code instead of a recognisable name)


  • You use Internet Explorer 9

  • You access Carerix through a "secure" connection

  • In the settings of Internet Explorer the setting that "secure" pages can be saved is turned off. 

Internet Explorer doesn't make a difference between "normal' pages and reports. This is a problem, because these reports need to be saved before they can be opened by another program (Excel). 


Turn off this setting in Internet explorer or use Google Chrome

  • Go to Internet Options

  • Go to the tab "Advanced"

  • Scroll down to "Security"

  • Deselect "Do not save encrypted pages to disk"

  • Click [OK]

You should be able to open the report.


Keywords : UD-936

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