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Allow pop-ups for your Carerix application
Allow pop-ups for your Carerix application

Troubleshoot for when the pop-up blocker

Updated over a week ago

A solution for the situation wherein a pop-up blocker prevents the 'Create document' feature in your Carerix application to work.

More and more, often commercial, websites open extra windows on your computer desktop only when visiting them. These extra windows are called pop-ups.

Often these extra windows contain ads and internet users are annoyed by them. For this reason pop-up blockers are used. Such a blocker can be part of an extension you install on your computer (MSN toolbar, Google toolbar,...). The pop-up blocker can also be part of a virus scanner or other product.

With the introduction of service pack 2 for Windows XP a pop-up blocker even became standard part of the Internet Explorer application.


Blocking pop-ups prevents some functions of Carerix to function correctly. It blocks the e-mail window and progress window when sending multiple e-mails at once (the e-mails actually won't get send). And the feature 'Create document' is also hit by the pop-up blocker.


Luckily every pop-up blocker has the option to de-activate the blocker for certain websites. To de-activate the blocker for your Carerix application you should allow pop-ups for the domains "[*.]", "[*.]" and "[*.]".

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