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Measure the quality of your network
Measure the quality of your network

How to measure the quality of your network

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Under special circumstances, Carerix will respond slow or not at all. This can be caused by a network that does not perform well.
To check the quality of the network, follow the instructions below.

Microsoft OneDrive

If you use Microsoft OneDrive, the cloud storage of Microsoft, then shut this down temporarily for the whole office and watch if the situation changes. It can occur that OneDrive uses so much capacity of your network that there isn't any capacity left for Carerix to use.

Install WinMTR

  • WinMTR is a small program that you can download from this location: Sourceforge. Installing comprises no more than "unzipping" the file and starting the program winmtr.exe.

  • Enter the following value for 'host':
    Click [Start].
    - WinMTR checks the quality of the 'route' network packets travel from your PC to our server. Every line shows the time required to reach one of the 'hops' in the route.
    - Of interest are the times in the columns "Avrg" en "Worst": Above 200 ms, the delays will become noticable.
    - Also important are the values under 'Loss %'. If the loss exceeds 1%, Carerix might not respond occasionally.

  • When the column 'Sent' reaches 500: Click [Copy text to Clipboard].

  • Open a new message and use Crtl-V to paste the results into the message.

  • Send the message, including these results and a description of the situation to our Customer Success Team.

Rule of thumb

  • The first couple of lines are about the internet connection of your computer/office

  • The last two lines are about the hosting environment of Carerix

  • the lines "in the middle" are about the "internet highway" in between

Mac OS-X

For Mac OS, there is also a version of "MTR" (Matt's TraceRoute).

Open the terminal (click on Cmd and space and type 'Terminal').
Execute the following two codes in the terminal:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install mtr

When MTR has been installed, execute this code:

cd /usr/local/Cellar/mtr/0.92/sbin
cp mtr /usr/local/bin/

When you get an access error message, execute this code:

sudo cp mtr /usr/local/bin/

After that, execute the MTR trace with the code:


You will now see a table appear, in which the numbers will automatically refresh. Let this run for 5 minutes
After this, create a screenshot of your screen (Keyboard shortcut: SHIFT + ALT + CMD + 3)
Send this screenshot to the Customer Success Team.


A good speedtest is available at

  • Click on the big 'Go' button

  • Wait for it to finish

  • Send us a screenshot with the results so we can judge them

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