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The 'Create document' feature does not work
The 'Create document' feature does not work

Troubleshoot if the 'Create document' feature does not work

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You will find the 'Create document' feature in nearly every file in your Carerix application. This feature lets you create a resume (for instance) from within a candidate file.

In overview lists you can find the 'Create report' feature. The working of this function equals the 'Create document' function in individual files.


You select a template from the list and a separate window should now open to show the generated document, this could take a few seconds.

However, no document appears. Possibly something seems to happen like a small window that opens, but this window closes again, perhaps accompanied with a short sound. The document or report does not appear.


There are various reasons for this problem to occur. The following articles describe these reasons and the solutions:


Consult previous articles and apply the solutions.

Keywords : UD-913

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