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Activate 'Open or save document' question
Activate 'Open or save document' question

A solution for MS-Windows setting for the 'open or save' question prevents the 'Create document' feature to work.

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A solution for the situation wherein the MS-Windows setting for the 'open or save' question prevents the 'Create document' feature in your Carerix application to work.

You will find the 'Create document' feature in nearly every file in your Carerix application. This feature let you create a resume (for instance) from within a candidate file.

In overview lists you can find the 'Create report' feature. The working of this function equals the 'Create document' function in individual files.


You select a template from the list and click the OK button. A seperate window should now open to show the generated document, this could take a few seconds.

However, no document appears. Possibly something seems to happen like a small window that opens, but this window closes again, perhaps accompanied with a short sound. The document or report does not appear.


Suppose, the result of your 'Create document' is a RTF-document. Such a document is usually opened by the MS-Word application. But this action is not always considered save by MS-Windows. In such case MS-Windows should ask you: "Open or save"? However, an MS-Windows setting could prevent this question to be asked. The result, your document is silently be thrown away.


You need to configure MS-Windows to allow asking the "Open or save?" question. Using Internet Explorer take the following steps:

  1. Select the menu item Tools

  2. Select Internet Options

  3. Select Security

  4. Click Trusted Sites

  5. Click the button Sites

  6. Make sure the checkbox "Require...HTTPS..." remains empty

  7. Fill in at Add this Web site...: ""

  8. Click the button Add and then OK

  9. repeat for ""

  10. Click the button Custom level... You see a long with options, find the section "Downloads" 

  11. Set the option Automatic prompting... to Enabled

  12. Set the option File download... to Enabled

  13. Click the button OK and then again OK

The 'Create document' feature should now work correctly. Is this still not the case?

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