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Work with multiple Offices
Work with multiple Offices

Carerix offers you the possibility to work with multiple Offices

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If you want to start a new company label, because you are offering new services or you would like to target new groups of audiences, Carerix offers you a way to do so. 

Why work with multiple Offices?

Carerix offers you the possibility to work with multiple Offices.
In this way you create the possibility to:

  • Assign files (Users, Candidates, Job Orders, Contacts etc.) to a new Office and determine rights, by using the Userrole functionality. 

  • Publishing Vacancies on new or multiple websites, while assuring the right source.

  • Branding the application and creating an e-mail signature per Office. Please make a signature request to our Customer Success Team

Setting up your Carerix application for the use of multiple offices

Below, you will find the steps to do so:

Placing Job Offers on a second website

  • Create new media from which you can publicize job orders on a new website.

  • Create new Job Orders to publicize OR allocate existing Job Offers to ( the users of) the new Office.

  • Create, if needed, new matchphases, procedures and sources to be able to classify candidates.

Adding your E-mail sognature to the Office

You can develop a new signature yourself for Offices. It also possible to let the  Customer Success Team create/amend your E-mail signature.

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