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Link Carerix to media

Linking Carerix to Multiposters

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It is possible to publish job orders on different job sites, straight from Carerix.
To make all this possible, Carerix works together with several suppliers of job sites:

These firms offer a distribution system that will place your job order to one or more job sites. A big advantage is that you only need to insert the job order once.

If you want know how to place a Job order on a job site, read this page.


Do the following to publish job orders from your Carerix system to job sites:

  • Become client at one of the multiposters.

  • Let the multiposter know that the job order publications need to be received from your Carerix system.

  • Create job order publications in your Carerix system and choose as medium the multiposter.

Recruitment Technologies

For information about linking Carerix to Recruitment Technologies, see this page.


For information about linking Carerix to Vonq, see this page.


With the use of Mimir multiposting you can manage publications on job sites straight from within your Carerix system. 

Function and branch names that are used on the job sites are shown for each publication, so you can determine exactly how your job orders are categorized on the job sites. Appliances from candidates are shown in Carerix, so you get a view of the return of each job site.

More info:


For more information about linking Carerix to BroadBean, see this page.

A part of the publication data is the application link. This link will redirect to the page where the applicants can apply for the job.

Also read: how to set the application link by the applyURL setting

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