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Release 5.302 // 2 July 2022
Release 5.302 // 2 July 2022

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Prevent automatically created matches with JobFeed & JobDigger

With integrations like Textkernel JobFeed and JobDigger it is possible to create/import job orders. In the background Carerix automatically creates a match between that job order and the active candidate (the record where JobDigger or Jobfeed was executed from) - This is not always desired behaviour, hence we introduce a new setting in Carerix to turn this off.

The setting can be found in the maintenance section, settings menu. It will be located on the general panel. Changing the settings value from 'NO' to 'YES' will change Carerix' default behaviour.

Smaller Improvements & bug fixes

  • From this release it is optional to show the social security ID in candidate and match previews. By default this will not be enabled. If you would like to show it, you can vist the settings menu, section Attribute & Fields. The setting showSocialSecIDinPreview can be enabled by changing 'NO' into 'YES'.

  • The Carerix Mobile application threw an exception in case additional info fields had certain content. This was resolved.

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