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Release 5.0.217 // 2 February 2019
Release 5.0.217 // 2 February 2019

Added candidate category and professional level to matches, Seamless for Mobile

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Happy to share this release. #keepimprovingtherecruiterexperience

Added candidate category and professional level to matches

To improve matching we added searchlines and columns for candidate.category and candidate.professional level to Matches overview and Matches in a Job order.

Carerix Seamless for Mobile (will replace CxMobile in Q2-2019)

We are improving your recruiter on the go experience. Try out the brand new approach that's called Carerix Seamless for Mobile.

Previous update we launched the pilot for Seamless for Mobile. From this release on we will also notify you about new features and bug fixes for the brand new Carerix application that focuses on the recruiter on the go. 

Documentation has been made available on our Carerix Help Center. It describes the possibilities of the new web application and gives more insights in the information that will be available and what restrictions apply compared with the current Carerix 5 application.

Carerix Seamless for mobile is currently in pilot. Not yet involved but interested in joining the pilot? You can ask your system administrator to send an email to In the email please provide us with your name, application name and email address. Before applying, it is recommended to read our documentation about Seamless for Mobile, to understand what to expect.

Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 16-2-2019: 

  • Email overview (inbox) is added. Have all your incoming email at hand in the Seamless application. Filter on the usual tabs as you know from your Carerix5 application.

  • Email details. Open your email messages, read them, see their details, related records and atteched files straight from your mobile phone. It's also possible to see a message thread opening the 'related email' section. This works both from the email overview (inbox) and from the activity tab in a file.

  • Notes overview is added. Now its possible to see, search and filter through all your notes.

  • Notes details are available. Open a note and read its content. 

Smaller improvements

  • Sign in with Google is improved

  • As a recruiter I want a match of a candidate or job order that have confidentiality setting on to be hidden. Display in the match a warning message that the match is not visible to other recruiters but the owner of the match.

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