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Selection of Contacts for each Sector
Selection of Contacts for each Sector

How to make a selection within a Group of Contacts based on the Sector

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Let's say that you want to send a Mailing to a Group of Contacts.
Within this group you want to make a selection based on the sector. Contacts don't have a Sector, but the Company where the Contacts belongs to does belong to a Sector


First reduce your search result to all the Contacts of the desired Sector.


Walk through the following steps:

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Companies'

  • Filter with the use of Search lines the Companies of the desired Branch:
    - "Branche" | is equal to | "The desired branche"

  • Go to the "Contacts-tab"
    You now see the Contacts from the desired Branche.

Keywords : UD-1751

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