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Add contacts to a Talentpool
Add contacts to a Talentpool

How to add contacts to a Talenpool

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It is possible to link Contacts to Talentpools so its always clear for who you are (pre)selecting Candidates as soon as the Talentpool is related to a customer.

Add Contact to Talentpool

Within the Talentpool

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Talentpools

  • Click/open the Talentpool

  • Go to the 'Contacts-tab'

  • To add an existing contact, search the contact in the overview and click [Add]
    You can also create a new contact by clicking on [New]

From the Contacts overview

It is also possible to add contacts from the contact menu overview (general or per company), select the desired contact from the list and choose "add to Talentpool" from the Action...-menu.

Once a contact is added to a Talentpool the particular Talentpool will appear in the list on the Talentpool tab of the contact.

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