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How to exclude certain Candidates/Contact from mailings

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From within Carerix you can send mailings to candidates. For example to inform them about interesting jobs.


You want to exclude certain candidates such mailings, such as the applicant that has indicated that he does not wish such e-mails. You do want to keep the candidate in the system.


Make the candidate member of an "e-mail group" in the following way:

Set up (once)

First, create an appropriate group:

  • Log in as Administrator

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables', Table "Group-candidate"

  • Select [New] for a new table entry, enter the following fields:
    Table: Group candidate
    Settings: [x]Active
    English: "No bulk mail"
    Subscriptionclass: <blank>
    Subscriptionscheduleclass: <blank>
    Group class: NoMailingsTag
    This last choice makes the group special: Members of this group do not receive bulk mail

  • [Save] the new group

  • Log out and in again


On the Basic-tab of the Candidate you wil see the hints bar on the right bar.
Under Groups, you can see the new group "No Bulk-mail": Check it, and keep the change.

  • Candidates who belong to this group will only e-mail when it is sent directly from the candidate file itself.

  • When sending a mailing candidates from this Group will be skipped.


Contact: For contact you can do the same: Create a "group-contact" in a similar way.
No-mail status: When a Candidate status is connected to the NoMailTag, candidates of this status will not be mailed.

Keywords : UD-980

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