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Add a Groupslabel to Files
Add a Groupslabel to Files

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You can easily add one or more Group labels for a Candidates or a Contacts and Companies.
These groups are used for example for mailings or searches.

Add to Group

Adding Candidates to the new group of "High Potentials":

  • Make a selection of the Candidates you want to add to the Group

  • Click "Choose Action" and choose "Add to group"

  • Choose the Group of choice, example : "High Potentials"

  • Click [Add].

In each of the selected Candidates the group "High Potentials" is ticked off.


For Users is the bulk-option through 'Choose Action' not available.
Users can be added to a group by opening the file and selecting the desired group manually.

Read article: Create Group labels - Administrator Functionality

Keywords: UD-2662, group, label

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