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Social Browser LinkedIn/Xing not available in your settings?

Please contact our Customer Success Team, they will make this settings available in your application.


CxSocialBrowser Activation

Only an Administrator is able to activate the CxSocialBrowser.

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Setttings

  • Got to block 'Social Browser LinkedIn/Xing', field "enableCxSocial"

  • Click on  [Activate] to CxSocialBrowser, the value 'No' will change into 'YES'

A pop-up will appear in the right lower corner with the message:

Note: Before adding a Candidate or Contact please make sure you close/minimize your LinkedIn chats. When chats are opened during candidate or contact creation on LinkedIn via the Carerix Chrome plugin the chats might end up in Carerix.

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