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SocialBrowser (LinkedIn, Xing, VDAB) - Installation
SocialBrowser (LinkedIn, Xing, VDAB) - Installation

How to install the LinkedIn/XingBrowser (SocialBrowser)

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With the Carerix SocialBrowser (for LinkedIn, Xing or VDAB) you can insert profiles of Candidates or Contacts with the push of a button in Carerix. If a person is already in your Carerix system, you will see the previously saved information about this person and you can add notes for example.

Installation in brief

  1. Use the Carerix LinkedIn/XingBrowser report in your application to generate a Token

  2. Copy and paste the Appname and Token to the setup/options of the Carerix LinkedIn/XingBrowser

  3. The installation is completed. Visit a LinkedIn/Xing/VDAB profile to use the plugin.

Scroll through the video chapters to see how you can add a candidate, add a note, view a profile directly in Carerix and add a contact person.

Step-by-step installation LinkedIn/XingBrowser

  1. Follow the steps below in a Chrome browser .

  2. Make sure your tab(s) with LinkedIn are closed and that you are logged in to your Carerix application

  3. Open reports (top right)

  4. Select Carerix LinkedIn/XingBrowser and create report

    (Is this option not available? Ask your Administrator to install it from the Carerix template library)

  5. Follow the steps as described in the document or below:

    Download the Carerix Social Browser

  6. Go to and download the extension.
    (via 'Add to Chrome' button)

    1. You will see a pop-up screen with information about the access rights you are going to give the extension. Click on 'Add extension'.

    2. The extension is installed.

    3. Make sure the extension is visible (pinned with the pushpin) so you can click it if you're on a LinkedIn/Xing profile.

    Authorize the Carerix SocialBrowser

  7. Right-click on the Carerix iconOptions

  8. In this setup screen you will be asked for the Appname and Token

    1. Go back to your application with the reporting screen

    2. Copy and paste the name of your Carerix application (that is application name ) in the setup screen.

    3. Click on the link 'Click here to show the token', copy and paste the Token into the setup screen.
      Please note : Your token is generated especially for you and should be treated as securely as any other password. So don't share it with others.

  9. Click the ' Setup ' button. The installation is complete
    (The fields you just filled in will automatically clear and your extension is now active. It may now seem as if nothing has happened, but the authorization has already been completed).

  10. Visit a LinkedIn/Xing profile and click on the Carerix icon to start using the SocialBrowser.

LinkedIn/XingBrowser is active on a LinkedIn/Xing profile page


  • Make sure you close LinkedIn's chat windows before creating a Candidate or Contact through the Carerix SocialBrowser. It is possible that these chats will be sent to Carerix, after which they will be shown in the attachments.

  • If no pop-up screen appears when you click on the Carerix icon in the top right corner of your browser, make sure you turn off your pop-up killer.

  • The plugin is designed for use with free Linkedin accounts. That is why we can only provide support for problems with free Linkedin accounts. In some cases, the plugin also works with paid Linkedin accounts. This makes it seem like the plugin should also work for paid accounts, but this is just a coincidence. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support when these paid accounts no longer work in combination with the plugin.

  • Linkedin and Xing regularly make changes. It may happen that this has an impact on the Carerix SocialBrowser and that we then need time to adjust the plugin. In such a case, please visit for more information.

Update the plug-in

If the plugin needs to be updated, three lines will show orange in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. As soon as you click on this, you will be asked at the bottom of your screen whether you want to validate the update. After this you can refresh the Linkedin/Xing/VDAB page and continue using the most recent version of the plugin.

Remove / deactivate the plugin

You can easily remove or disable the plugin from your Chrome browser.

  • Open a LinkedIn/Xing/VDAB page in your browser.

  • Right-click on the Cx icon at the top right next to your address bar

  • Choose 'Remove from Chrome' to completely remove the plugin.

  • If you only want to deactivate the plugin temporarily, you can disable it via the 'Manage extensions'.

What can you do with the LinkedIn/XingBrowser?

The LinkedIn/XingBrowser (SocialBrowser) is a plugin for Google Chrome and Chromium that can be easily installed in your browser.

If you use Google Chrome or Chromium to browse and visit a LinkedIn/Xing profile, you will immediately see whether a Candidate/Contact Person is already present in Carerix. If this is not yet the case, you can add it to your Carerix database with the push of a button.

If a Candidate/Contact Person is already known in Carerix, you will immediately see their contact information, possible matches and an overview of their activities. If you offer staffing services, you will also see the placement information.


The following details of the Candidate/Contact person from Carerix are shown in the Linkedin/Xing profile:

  • Name, position, place of residence (number of Placements )

  • Contact information, mobile number and email address

  • matches

  • Placements , end date and upcoming availability

  • Last contact, update, creation date and candidate responsible

  • The legal basis status and the expiration date of this status

Advantages of the LinkedIn/XingBrowser

  • You no longer have to switch between screens of Carerix and Linkedin/Xing because you have direct access

  • Compare your database with the data on LinkedIn or Xing and update it with just one click

  • Instantly match Candidates to a Vacancy

  • Which vacancies in Carerix has this candidate been matched with
    (the three most recent matches are shown)

  • Which notes belong to this Candidate/Contact person in Carerix. Add new notes

  • Creation date, Last modified and Last Contact with the Candidate/Contact

  • Who is responsible/owner of the file of this Candidate/Contact person

  • What active placements are there for the Candidate and what is the end date of that placement

  • Directly link clients when creating a new Contact person

  • From the LinkedIn/XingBrowser you open existing candidates directly in your Carerix platform

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