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Job order vs Publication
Job order vs Publication

The difference between job orders and publications

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Within Carerix you probably work with Job orders, and on your website the Publications are shown. This article described the difference between Job orders and Publications

Job order

A job order in Carerix is intern: this is the file where you can add a Candidate to (-> Match). This job order is not public. 


A Publication is the way to make (the information of) a job order public.

Why separate?

Reasons to make a separate file for job orders and publications are:

  • Choice
    - By creating a publication, you choose to make the job order public (publish)

  • Expiry
    - With a publication you can choose to set the first (and optional) the last date of the publication. You can determine when and for how long the publication is visible. 

  • Medium
    - A publication is always created for a certain medium. This way you can determine through which channels the job order is published.

  • Wording
    - Because for every medium another publication is used; the text in the publications can differ from each other.
    For example a more formal text for Intermediair.

  • Source
    - The source is automatically adopted by the Match file and the Candidate file. This way you can trace the source of the Candidate afterwards.

  • Stage
    - A default stage is set in a Publication. This way you can handle "web-appliances" differently than "intermediair-appliances". 

  • Owner
    - A job order belongs to some person within your organization. If you want to another person to have contact with the candidate, you can make this person owner of the publication.

Remark: The applicant and the match take over the owner of the Publication, and not the owner of the Job order. The owner of the Publication will receive a notification when a new Candidate applied.

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