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Candidate not found on tab 'Matches' in job order file
Candidate not found on tab 'Matches' in job order file

What to do if a candidate is not found on tab matched in the job order file?

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Where can you find the matched candidates to a job order?

On the tab 'Matches' in a job order file you find all candidates matched with this particular job order:

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Job orders'

  • Open the 'Matches-tab'

Now, you are sure a certain candidate was matched with this job order. However, you do not find this candidate mentioned on this tab.


The tab 'Matches' by default only shows matching candidates that are still under consideration. For these matches applies: end phase = NO.


Do the following to make all matching candidates visible:

  1. Click in the button [Remove] to empty all search fields.

  2. Click on the button[Filter] to find all matches.

Now all matching candidates are shown, no matter the phase.

It is similar the other way around: When job orders (that are matched to the candidate) aren't visible at the Candidate. Check if there are no search lines that are hiding the match.


  • Set a default stage.
    To make sure that a new match file has a default stage, do the following:
    - Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Match stages'
    - Open the Match stage that you want to set as default stage.
    - Select the checkbox "Default"

  • If you want, you can set a specific default stage for each product group.

  • When someone applies for a job, a match file is automatically created.
    A default stage is also set for these types of Matches. This stage depends through which medium (own website, job-board, etc.) the applicant applied.
    Set this stage in the medium ('Maintenance' | 'Media').


  • A candidate file includes a 'Matches-tab' too.
    This tab, by default, shows all job orders for which the Candidate is still under consideration. 

  • Does it appear that a job order is missing from the list?
    Then check and verify that search criteria are not 'hiding' the job order here as well.

Keywords : UD-1159

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