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Trace the origin (of candidates)
Trace the origin (of candidates)

How to trace the source of candidates

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This article describes via which source (also: channel) a candidate and the candidates' application (the match) entered your Carerix system. By storing this information, you know which sources are the most valuable. For contacts, job offers and companies are there also sources.

Field 'Source'

The candidate file and the match file have each an own field called 'Source'. The files 'Source' stores the origin of both the candidate and it's applications (the matches), this works as follows:

  • The candidate file stores via which source the candidate entered the database for the first time.

  • The match file stores via which source the application of this candidate is created

  • The job order file stores via which source the job order entered the database.

  • The company file stores via which source the company entered the database.

  • The contact file stores via which source the principal entered the database.


Does the candidate apply per e-mail or telephone? Then you have to fill in the 'Source' by yourself. If the candidate applies via the website, the source will automatically be filled in.

Thus, if the candidate entered your website via the job site Monsterboard then the application (=match) will be stored automatically via Monsterboard. The candidate is linked to the source of the match.
If the candidate was already registered in your database, the source of the candidate will not change after an application on your database.


  • Monsterboard offers the possibility to add an own application link in the job order. This should be a link which (a) links to the own website and (b) contains the correct publicationnumber (the number of the Monsterboard publication)

  • The Carerix system in able to automatically insert the correct source by linking every source item to the relevant publication medium. This way the source 'Job site Monsterboard' is linked to the medium 'Monster'.

Table 'Source'

The table 'Source' contains the items from which can be chosen at the fields 'Source'. Such a list contain typical items like: 'Monsterboard', 'Nationale vacaturebank',... but also: 'Paper', 'Market',...

The administrator of the Carerix system has to decide for himself which source items can be available by editing the table 'Source'.

The table Source is splited in five seperated tables:

  • Source match

  • Source candidate

  • Source job order

  • Source principal

  • Source contact.

At the medium you have to select a standard source for the match. A source match can be linked via the Table-module, so that via the source match the corresponding source candidate can be found. This is of concern for the online application, whereby the source of both the match of the candidate is set. Initially all five the Source-tables are filled identical, and both the identical Source match and Source candidate items are linked together.

Method for editing:

  1. Create ( via Maintenance | Tables ) for every source a table item:
    - Table: one of the five of above mentioned tables
    - Name of the source ( as example: Monsterboard, Nationale vacaturebank)
    - Active

Link sources to corresponding mediums, as follows:

  1. Open ( via Maintenance | Media ) every medium

  2. Configure the correct standard source match

Publish job orders for the correct medium:

  1. Open a job order file and go to the tab 'Publications'

  2. Create a new publication and choose the desired medium


With an application via the website the number of the publication is used. The publication contains the job order and the medium where de job order is published. The medium can be the own website but also a job site.

When a applicant applies via Monsterboard, than the applicationlink contains only the number of the publication that as medium 'Monster' has been set.

In your Carerix system, you can find at the medium which source will be filled in. At the medium 'Monster' the source will probably something as 'Vacaturebank Monsterboard'.


With the first subscription or application the field 'Source-candidate' will be filled in at the candidate file and this field will not change anymore.

Candidate not jet known?
Now a new candidatfile will be created. The field 'Source-candidate' will be filled on basis of the medium of the publication.

Candidate known, but field 'Source' is empty
Known candidatefile will be updated. The field 'Source' will be filled in on basis of the medium of the publication.

Candidate known and the field 'Source' already filled in
Already existing candidate files will be updated. Although, the field 'Source' stays unchanged.


Is the match file automatically created with an application? Then the field 'Source' in the match file will be filled in automatically on basis of the medium of the publication.


Source field in application form

Previous descriptions in this article assumes a standard situation. Although, it is possible to change the behavior of by changing the applicationform own your own website; add a drop-down selection field in which the applicant, can edit the source for the matchfile and/or the candidatefile.

If the source is set with a selection field in the application form than this selection field has priority above the automatically filled in algorithm just described.

Let the applicant self choose, with help of a selection field, the source if the publication of the medium has an 'own website'. Entered the application via an job site? Then just don't offer the applicant this opportunity. This method offers the applicant the possibility to fill in where the applicant has found the job order.

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