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Merge Files went wrong
Merge Files went wrong

Merging of Candidates, Contacts, Companies

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In Carerix you can merge different types of files:

The steps to do so are simple:

  1. Open the most recent created file (this is the file that is duplicate)

  2. Click [Merge]

  3. Find the file that needs to stay (this is the old file that needs to be extended with the new data)

  4. Follow the instructions

After doing this, one of the files disappears. 

Contacts can only be merged when they belong to the same Company.

  • If needed, click [Link...] to link the Contact to the same Company

Merging can't be undone

It is not possible to undo a merge, since records have been overwritten in the process.

Wrong file seems to be removed

Sometimes it seems that the wrong file is removed. However, the working of Carerix is correct. Some confusion can occur because the file that will be removed, gives data to the file that remains in the system. 

As example, two Companies (this works the same for every entity)

Company: 111
Name: Jansen
Visit address: Spui 11, The Hague
Postal address: empty

Company: 222
Name: Janssen BV
Visit address: empty
Postal address: mailbox 123, The Hague


You decide that company 222 has to be removed, so you proceed as follows:

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Companies

  • Click Company 222, Janssen BV

  • Click [Merge...]

  • Search the company 111, Jansen

  • The instructions tell you that company 111 will remain and company 222 will be removed. When this is correct, click [Finish]


After the merge, the following file is left:

Company: 111
Name: Janssen BV

At first sight this seems incorrect, "Janssen BV" was the Company that could be removed.

However, this is the right behavior:

  • File 111 is remained

  • File 222 has been removed, but the data from this file is transferred to file 111.

Second example

Down below another example of a scenario.

Candidate Jan Janssen signs up -> Candidate number 1.

  • Name: Jan Jansen

  • He has not given a phone number, but he has given his e-mail address:

  • The sign up is confirmed with an e-mail that includes a username and a password.

Candidate Jan Janssen signs up for the second time -> Candidate number 2

  • This time he has given his phone number, and he has fixed the typo in his name

  • A new confirmation mail is sent with a new username and password


You see the new candidate and you want to merge it with the old one. The starting point is the new candidate, in this case candidate 2.

  • Candidate 1 has been present for longer in the system, so we keep candidate number 1.

  • Related files (matches, education, attachments, etc.) are not a problem: these are automatically transferred from candidate 2 to candidate 1. (files from candidate 2 are added to candidate 1)

  • Fields that are empty at candidate 1 are automatically filled out if the same field thatis filled out at candidate 2. (phone number from candidate 2 is added to candidate 1)

  • We want to use the new username and password, this way the candidate can use its latest login credentials. (username / password from candidate 2 go to candidate 1)

  • Last name and other data: We assume that the latest sign-up is "the best". When a field is filled in in both files, Carerix overwrites the data in the old file with the data from the new file. (Jansen is corrected to Janssen)

  • After all this, file 2 is not relevant anymore and will be removed.

Keywords : UD-1248

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