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Your Carerix system contains Candidate-, Contact- and Companies-files, among other things. It is important that every candidate-, contact- and client-file is unique in your system; when a candidate-file is registered twice, this leads to confusion.

You have the possibility to merge these double files, so only one of the files remains. Below you find an example of merging, followed by information per file type.

Practical information

When files are created in the system, the system automatically de-duplicates the files. The reason for this is to prevent double candidate files in the system.

To check whether there already exists a file of a new candidate, the system makes the following comparisons:

The result

The following actions are based on the comparison of double files:

Yes, candidate file exists

The fields in the candidate file will be updated (overwritten) by the matching field. If there are empty fields in the candidate file there will not be any changes in the candidate file.

  • Added records in the attachments (CV, photo, ID picture, etc) will be added and the existed remain present.

  • The 'last edited date' will be updated.

  • If there are two or more candidate-files already present, only one of them will be updated.

Maybe, candidate-file exists

  • A new candidate-file is created in the database that contains all information of the candidate.

  • An e-mail is sent, based on a template from the library (with the code "dupwarn"). This e-mail will be sent to the owner of the publication with the warning that there might already be a candidate with this name in the database.

No, candidate file doesn't exist yet

  • A new candidate is created in the system, filling all of the required fields.



The starting point for merging is the following:

  • The information of the first file will be selected (which is the file that you have open when you click [Merge]) will be used to fill in the extra information. This information is saved.

  • The information from the second file that is selected will be changed/overwritten. It is possible that this information will be lost.

  • Existing information can never be overwritten with empty information. If there is no telephone number filled into the first file and there is information in the second file, then the telephone number will be saved (even though the first file did not have this information).


On 1 January Jan Janssen signs up at the website, with as his address: "Markt 44, 2611 GV Delft" and birth date 1 August 1975 (candidate file 1) On 1 February he signs up again, calling himself Johan N Janssen, with address "Markt 48, Delft" and the same birth date (candidate file 2).


Because a candidate with the same last name and birth date already exists, Carerix will send an e-mail warning: "possible duplicate", and you decide to merge the files:

  1. Log in as administrator

  2. Go to File 2, Johan N Janssen and choose [Merge] Your next screen is "Merge candidates step 1 of 2: Select candidate"

  3. When the double file is in the list, you can select this candidate and choose [Next >]

  4. If there is no candidate selected, you can search this candidate, select this, and choose [Next >] to end up in the screen "Merge candidates step 2 of 2, Finish"

  5. Read the explanation on this page, it will tell you exactly what will happen:
    Candidate 2 will be deleted, candidate 1 stays.
    Values like name, address, etc, that were filled in file 2 will be carried to file 1.
    Matches, placements, and activities will be carried from file 2 to file 1.

  6. Choose [Finish]


  • Candidate 2 is deleted from the system; its contents are used to add to file 1.

  • Candidate 1 is now: Johan N Janssen (first name and initials are carried from file 2),

living at "Markt 48, 2611 GV Delft" (house number has been carried over, zip code has remained because it wasn't filled in at file 2)

Note: Username and password are carried over from file 2 This is done intentionally, because this is the last (=most recent) login code that the candidate has received from Carerix.

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Keywords : UD-174

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