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Add candidate as contact to company
Add candidate as contact to company

How to add a candidate as contact to a company

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It is possible for a Candidate to be a Contact or vice versa


As example are we going to add Candidate Jan Jansen as Contact to the company Acme:

  • Open the file of the Candidate, in this case Jan Jansen

  • Click [+Contact]
    The following message appears: "This candidate is not yet a contact person. Are you sure you want to create contact person information for this candidate?"

  • Click [OK]
    The Candidate is now also a Contact.

  • Click [Link]

  • Choose 'Find a company'

  • Select the Company, in this case Acme, and click 'Finish'

Points of attention and tips

Contact already exists; It is possible that there is already a Contact Jan Jansen at Acme. You can merge these Contacts and the result will be one Contact.

Keywords: UD-1767

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