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Create CRM file
Create CRM file

CRM tool to stay in contact with Companies, Contacts and Candidates

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Carerix is a CRM tool to stay in contact with Companies, Contacts and Candidates. Information and activities are saved in files.

Add a Company

  • Go to the Menu: 'Files' |  'Companies'

  • Click [New]

  • Fill out the name of the Company

  • When the Company is already in Carerix, select it by clicking the dot before the name and click next. If it is a new Company, just click next.

  • Fill out the Company name.

  • Click on [Finish]

  • An overview of the Company is shown, see figure. 

The figure shows that there are multiple tabs in the chart to show the information linked to the company.

Also its possible to:

  • Set the status (for example: lead/prospect/client/ex-client)

  • Give an alias

  • Make Mother-Daughter relations

Add a Contact

Contacts are linked to a company.

  1. Go to 'Files' |  'Contacts'

  2. Click [New]

  3. Choose the company where the contact works

  4. Click [Next]

  5. Click [Next] (in case of an existing company you can see the contacts who are already in Carerix)

  6. Fill out the information from the contact, See figure 

  7. Click [Finish]

  8. An overview of the contact is shown

Give a contact a status: Working or no longer working.

Add a job order

There are three ways to add a job order:

  • From the Company-File

  • From the Contacts-File

  • Through the menu 'Files' | 'Job orders'

Read here how to add a job order from the Files menu (for an existing company and contact)

  1. Choose 'Files'  | 'Job orders'

  2. Click [New]

  3. Choose a company

  4. Click [Next]

  5. Choose the Contact

  6. Click [Next]

  7. A job order chart is shown, where information can be added and edited.
    See figure 

  8. Click [Finish}

The job order is added and an overview is shown.


  • Procedure: Fill out which recruitment process should be followed (Contracting or Permanent) to define the stages.

  • Show a Job order on your website, using a Portal.

  • Settings
    - Open Application:
    You tick this option when you want to create a generic job order for one of your clients. Candidates can be matched to it.
    - Passive Search:
     In a passive search you can document interesting candidate characteristics for a client.
    This is not a real Job order, but more of an administrative setting.
    - Anonymous Job Order:
    Through an anonymous Job order you will check that the name of the client of this job order may not mentioned to the candidate.
    - Template Job Order:
    In the creation of a new Job order an extra option is added in the wizard: 'Make a copy of a template job order'.
    When this box is ticked, you can create a copy of a (by the Administrator defined job order), which also copies Task, Calendar, Notes, attachments and rules.
    They will be only visible for the Administrator.

Keywords : UD-279

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