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Whatsapp in Carerix

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Activating the WhatsApp Setting

This setting can be activated by a Carerix Administrator.
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What does it do?

Once the WhatsApp Settings is activated, you can start using the [WhatsApp] button right away if you have a WhatsApp Desktop application running on the same machine.

One thing to make sure: have a valid phone number.

You do not have to worry about the format. Carerix will strip the phone numbers from spaces, dashes and other characters, not being numbers.
You do have to make sure that the phone number has the country code in front of it, otherwise WhatsApp will not be able to let you send a message. 

For example:
In the Netherlands the country code is +31. It is not needed to remove the first 0 of the phone number. +310612345678 will work as +31612345678 will work too.
If you try to open WhatsApp with a wrong phone number, WhatsApp will let you know the number is invalid:

In case this happens, check the phone number, change it and try it again. In case the owner of the phone number is not using WhatsApp, the same message will be thrown.

It is possible to send messages to people that are not in your contact list of your phone (which is not possible regularly on your phone).

Be aware that messages sent and received via WhatsApp are not logged in your Carerix system.

Where can you find the WhatsApp Button?

Files :

  • Candidates

  • Contacts

  • Companies

Example :

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Candidates'

  • Select a Candidate

  • Open the Candidate Preview screen (on the right-side of the screen)

Keywords: UD-2634

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