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Difference between open application and job application
Difference between open application and job application

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This article describes how you can see the difference between an open application and a job application through the Professional portal.


The Professional portal is using the same template for the confirmation of a candidates application. This template has the code "web-confirm". In the content of this confirmation mail you want to see if the candidate applied for an open application or a job application. 


You need to modify the template with the code "web-confirm". By adding an "if-condition" to your template, you can differentiate the mail for an open application from the mail for a job application. For example:

<cx:if condition="$activity.toVacancy.isOpenApplication=1"> 
OPEN INSCHRIJVING </cx:if> <cx:if not="1" condition="$activity.toVacancy.isOpenApplication=1">


You can change the template with code "web-confirmation" as follows:

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'

  • Click on the "E-mail-Tab"

  • Search with use of the search lines for "code" begins with "web-confirm"

  • Open the template "Web Confirmation mail"

  • Add the code above to the template

Keywords : UD-440

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