You use the Carerix Recruitment Portal or the CMS, in which te Portal is integrated. This Portal will send emails, for example when a candidate applies for a job.
Which emails will be sent, and how to set this up is described below.

Emails sent through the Portal

The Portal sends emails based on templates with a certain code. If there is no template found with this code, the mail will not be sent. This way, you can decide yourself if a message needs to be send.

You can find every template in Carerix, by loggin in as Administrator and going to 'Maintenance' - 'Templates'. 

Below is described which emails can be send.

Web-confirm: confirmation of received application.

A template with the code web-confirm is being sent as confirmation to the candidate when he or she applied to a job through the portal.

Tip: By adding this code to the template the owner of the publication will receive a cc from the email:

<cx:header name="cc" value="$activity.owner.emailAddress"/>

Web-notify: notification to owner.

A template with the code web-notify is being sent to the owner of the publication when a candidate applies on the publication.

Note: The owner of the publication can be another person than the owner of the job order. You can choose for example to let all publications be handled by one central person. 


A template with the code web-dupwarn is being sent to the owner of the publication when a candidate applies and the system thinks that the candidate is already in the system (possible duplicate).


  • This is the standard situation. It is possible to change the behaviour in the Portal.

  • The sending of these mails is, if you want, easy to stop by making sure that there are no templates available with the concerning code.

Keywords: UD-1658 

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